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Impeachment: MPs must make ethical decisions

Dear editor,
HAKAINDE Hichilema and the UPND never cease to amaze me.
First they do not recognise Edgar Lungu as republican President, until the UPND MPs were given marching orders out of Parliament and suspended for a month without a salary. That was when they realised that ECL is President.
What is more shocking is that despite not recognising ECL as President, they wilfully debated upon his speech and recognised Inonge Wina as leader of the House. Apparently Wina was the running mate of Mr Lungu, who they wilfully decided not to recognise as President.
Now their leader, in a desperate move to go to Plot One, decides to force his MPs to pass a motion to impeach the President, who they do not recognise.
I am at a loss of words as it is also reported that US$1 million is up for grabs for the independent MPs and two PF backbenches if they can support the impeachment motion.
It is now evident that desperate people do desperate things. In the most unlikely event that Edgar is impeached, sadly it will be Wina and NOT Hakainde Hichilema to be the President!
However, in the event that Parliament is dissolved and we go for fresh elections, should those MPs in the House today decide to stand again, I am sure majority of them will not make it back considering their performance.
They know it and I am sure based on that, none of them will dare vote for the motion if they are wise enough. This is because they will end up losing their benefit in the hope of pleasing one greedy man.
In view of the above, I implore MPs to make ethical decisions as they vote based on the utilitarian principle which states that the outcome must benefit the greatest majority and disadvantage a few privileged.
So who are the beneficiaries of the perceived impeachment? Is it Zambians, UPND MPs or HH? Stop and think. It is only HH and independent MPs who are already imagining US$1 million in their pockets. Who can resist such an offer? True, the love of money is the root cause of all evil. God bless our MPs.

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