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‘Immoral’ Chingola woman divorced

A MAN of Chingola has pleaded with the local court to dissolve his marriage of 11 years because his wife is allegedly promiscuous and he no longer trusts her.
Mathews Mulilo sued Rosta Phiri for divorce alleged that she is a cunning woman who forced him into marriage after falsifying a pregnancy.
Mulilo told senior local court magistrate Douglas Kakunta sitting with Merit Bwalya that after finding employment for his wife, Phiri used to return home late and he suspected she was cheating on him.
The two got married in 2005 and have four children together.
“As a couple, we have been living separately for four years because of the never ending marital problems,” Mulilo said.
The court heard that before their marriage, Phiri went to Mulilo’s house and persuaded him that she was pregnant and they had to get married.
But after living together for some time and without any indications of pregnancy, Mulilo decided to take Phiri to the hospital where tests showed that she was not pregnant.
They remained together.
Mulilo testified that he found a job for his wife but she come home late in the night and when he asked from her employer, he was told she knocked off from work at 17:00 hours.
He also informed the court that one of Phiri’s workmates called him and informed him that his wife was pregnant for another man.
After questioning Phiri on the information, Mulilo said she left their matrimonial home and went to live with her parents.
The court granted divorce and ordered Mulilo to pay Phiri K6,000 in monthly instalments of K300.