I’m watching you


PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema was again on the subject of corruption – a matter that has become a centrepiece of his administration but this time around in a different setting. The President had all his ministers and permanent secretaries under one roof in a workshop on procurements, one of the debilitating diseases of the public sector with the Auditor General’s reports revealing leakages year-in year-out. Describing himself as the number one intelligence officer, the President said he will be “watching over” the ministers and controlling officers to ensure there is no misappropriation or waste of public money. “Ministers and permanent secretaries chair these procurement committees, so I will be watching very closely,” he said. For the President, his administration’s agenda is very clear and there is no departing from it. “We were voted for on the ticket of change,” he said at the meeting, which will go on until Thursday. “People wanted change so that they can have jobs and business opportunities. This is why they woke up at 02:00 hours just to vote for us, so pay attention to procurement in the public service as this is one area where CLICK TO READ MORE

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