Letter to the Editor

Illegal market stalls in Silver Rest an eyesore

Dear editor,
WE APPEAL to the mayor of Chongwe Geoffrey Chumbwe and his council to stop the illegal construction of market stalls by cadres along the Great East Road in Silver Rest.
The unplanned market will not only distort the ecstatic value of the area but also be a breeding ground for waterborne diseases.
It is also an affront to planning regulations and has the potential to scare away investors as it creates a sense of lawlessness.
The cadres have hoisted a PF flag to create an erroneous impression that they have the blessings of the leadership.
Please Mr Chumbwe, jolt your council into action and arrest lawlessness.
We know the PF government has zero tolerance to lawlessness and will certainly act accordingly. We also implore Minister of Lands Jean Kapata to act swiftly.

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