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IJF impressed with judo centre works

INTERNATIONAL Judo Federation (IJF) officials are impressed with the preliminary work for the construction of a judo centre at Olympic Youth Development Centre in Lusaka.
Zambia Judo Association acting secretary Mabvuto Ng’uni said in Lusaka yesterday that IJF officials led by architect Felix Mfofiu and engineer Paul Sima are satisfied with the work done.
Ng’uni said the officials from Romania were in the country early this month to check on the progress.
He said the officials checked the local materials to be used on the project.
“I can happily say that the architects and engineers from IJF were satisfied with the works that have been done so far. They were also happy with the local material they found for the construction of a judo hall,” Ng’uni said.
He said work at the site is expected to begin next year after the final assessment.

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