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She ignored her intuition, he was too good to be true

FROM the day she met him, he drew people to him including herself to a point where she entered into an intimate relationship with him.
He had an infectious personality though he seemed too good to be true.
They say a woman’s intuition should never be underestimated but even then, Grace (not real name) ignored her intuition.
The man managed to charm his way into Grace’s heart.
Like a fairy tale, Grace was introduced to the man through a colleague.
The two exchanged numbers and the man phoned her countless times in a day.
Grace was a lonely woman and age was not on her side. Well at least in our society, her time was running out.  She needed to find a husband to be ‘accepted’ in society.
She often complained how some of her friends abandoned her because she was not married because most of them were.
Grace was treated like a second-class citizen not only by her friends but by society in general.
To her, whichever man she met meant wedding bells but she often got disappointed.  However, the latest man on the scene seemed to be into her as he often checked up on her.
Things seemed to be moving fast but Grace didn’t mind. After all, this is what she longed for.
Less than a year into the relationship, the couple moved in together.  The man was jobless while Grace had one.
Even this she didn’t mind. What was paramount was that she had a man in her life.
When she was out at work, he would clean and cook. In between his house chores, he would go out to job haunt.
He would time and again suggest to Grace that they make their union formal but for one reason or the other Grace felt they needed to hold on. This comes down to intuition.
When vulnerable, people rarely show their true colours.  That is why I truly believe a person’s true character only reveals itself when independent, especially financially.
Finally the man found a job with the first three months for the couple being bliss, they had two incomes.
But he flipped.  He was no longer the sweet, patient man she met.  He started abusing her verbally and physically and reminding her that he could do better than settle for her.
Suddenly Grace was not appealing.  Grace cried and she recalled how she looked after him when he had nothing.  Even her tears could not make him remorseful. He wanted out.
Grace had the intuition in the initial stage but she ignored it.  The man was too good to be true. Indeed, he was too good to be true.
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