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Ignore political provocation

President Lungu has instructed Patriotic Front (PF) youths and the general membership not to retaliate whenever provoked by opposition political party cadres.

President Lungu said the police will deal with those who think they can take the law into their own hands because it is equal to the task, and urged the youths not to avenge when provoked.
“You are all aware of the provocation we are facing as a party, please don’t retaliate, let [Home Affairs Minister] Mr Kampyongo and his men and women in uniform act,” he said.
The President said this during a ‘Meet the President’ Gala dinner at Government Complex on Saturday night.
“You should not fall prey to any political provocation because you have a critical role in promoting unity, love and peace. Youths are important in growing the party, and must continue to be relevant to all Zambians,” he said.
President Lungu said the PF prides itself as a party with values and principles and a national development agenda befitting all citizens under the `One Zambia, One Nation’ motto.
He said PF youths should not fall victim to any political provocation because they have a critical role in taking the lead in promoting unity, love and peace.
And Patriotic Front secretary general Davies Mwila has called on all PF youths to remain united and focus their energies on strengthening the party.
Mr Mwila said the party can only remain attractive if all members are dedicated to hard work, honesty, transparency and discipline.
And PF youth chairperson Stephen Kampyongo warned that the ruling party will not condone youths who are not loyal to the party.
Mr Kampyongo, who is also Minister of Home Affairs, said the party will discipline youths who are scandalising senior party members through the media.
He said youths must be loyal and wait to serve the party with integrity and transparency.