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ICT teachers disadvantaged in teacher recruitment

Dear editor,
May I be allowed to comment on the teacher recruitment exercise going on right now.
The age limit has been set at 40. I believe this will disadvantage so many qualified people who would have helped government solve its staffing levels.
It is common knowledge that there are very few teachers of ICT/computer studies around precisely so because there was no university or college offering Teacher education in ICT the past years.
Most of the people who can teach ICT/computer studies effectively are ICT professionals with teaching methodology who are past the age of 40.
There is a critical shortage of ICT/computer studies teachers  and I  appeal to government to relax this age limit especially over such special circumstances bearing in mind that the retirement age has been increased to 65.
I believe it is government’s desire is to have ICT’s taught effectively in schools. Government should tap into this resource.
These are the same people that government can use to conduct workshops in ICT methodology for teachers once they are employed. This way government will have partially solved the issue of having qualified teachers of ICT/Computer studies in schools.
If you are a qualified ICT/ computer teacher with Teaching methodology who feels disadvantaged because of age restriction go to Zambian ICT teachers on Facebook and make a comment there.

Disappointed teacher