Letter to the Editor

ICT and computers not the same

ALLOW me space in your paper to comment on the on-going debate between Moses Simfukwe and Richard Chisala concerning ICT in schools.
While I agree with Mr Chisala that the government needs to create an ICT department, I do not agree with him when he says he has been teaching ICT since 1997.
May I ask Mr Chisala as to which college or university he trained to teach ICT and at which school he has been teaching ICT in Zambia?
Mr Chisala needs to know that ICT is not computers. The acronym stands for information communication technology and not computers.
We are all end users of computers, including Mr Chisala. He must distinguish between ICT and a computer.
The fact that he has been teaching computers doesn’t make him qualified as an ICT teacher.

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