Letter to the Editor

‘Ichimbuya’ can promote industrial harmony

Dear editor,
I WISH to commend Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) management for encouraging ‘ichimbuya’ or traditional cousinship at the national broadcaster.

I was particularly impressed with the idea of Nyanja TV journalists presenting ‘Ichintobentobe’, a Bemba television programme, during the festive period.
Despite Pauline Phiri and Damazio Phiri struggling to express themselves in Bemba, ‘Ichintobentobe’ was presented in a professional and humourous manner that left most of the viewers cracking with laughter.
‘Ichimbuya’ can promote good inter-personnel relations among employees if it is practised correctly.
Employers can also use ‘ichimbuya’ to enhance high productivity and industrial harmony at places of work.

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