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I want to rule Zambia – Jane

At the age of nine and in grade four, Jane Mwalupobe, a pupil at overhill school, is dreaming big and has future ambitions of becoming a republican president.
Jane is optimistic that she has much to offer to the growth and socioeconomic development of the country.
“I want to be become president so that I can protect our country, I also want to promote peace and togetherness. I believe we can do more when we are united, I also want to uplift the status of the less privileged in society,” she said with a smile.
Jane, who is currently the only child of her mother says she wants to build more schools so that many people can have access to education and also churches to accord more people chance to know God.
She says education is an equaliser and is key to the growth and development of any country.
“When people are educated, they acquire necessary skills and knowledge which can be applied to many areas of need, an educated society is a developed one because people are able to understand national affairs,” Jane said.
In her free time, Jane likes watching current affairs so as to keep herself abreast with occurrences around the world. She also enjoys cooking, which is helping her learn how to cook.
Her favourite subjects are mathematics, English and science while her hobbies are playing basketball and computer games.
Jane says she wants to uplift the status of her family once she gets educated and achieves her dream.
A member of the United Church of Zambia (UCZ), Jane says she believes in God because He always answers her prayers.
She urged her follow young people to work hard at school if they are to achieve their dreams in life.

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