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I thirst for word of God – Mulilo

YOU need not to remind him of his aspirations especially after his father and mother, according to the Bible, chose to forsake him, because the Word and the grace of God, is sufficient for him.
And as he combines the Word of God and a little prayer in his ministry, gospel minister, Derrick Mulilo, realises in every situation, you also have to hold on to the Lord for strength and comfort.
In both his songs titled Sinizakasiya (I’ll never leave) and Ikaitishya (hold on), Mulilo (fire as his name suggests) fills himself with the Holy Ghost fire to quench all that may wish to consume him in every situation and draw-back in his.
Taken off his latest album – Potter – Mulilo is one of those gospel revelations who have been using the Bible to exorcise all the ungodly spirits in his, family and friends’ spiritual lives.
In the above worship songs, for instance, Sinizakasiya is a true confirmation that whatever the situation in his crusade to Jerusalem, no mountain will stand in his way of praise and worship.
Simply, put, he proclaims that he will never stop unveiling himself through praising of the name of the Lord, the name, when even mentioned, knees bow down and every tongue confesses that he is indeed, Lord.
In the song of praise titled Ikatishya, Mulilo features the blessed voice of Mark Kasomo of the B3 fame, which cements some convincing verses that make the whole song the pillar of the weak.
The album, an eight track inspiring promo-package, opens with yet another assurance in the Christian realm that it is only the mercy of the Lord that keeps us.
Through his priceless cry on the cross of Calvary, Mulilo acknowledges that it is indeed the mercy (Chifundo as he titled the song) of the Lord that confirms the scripture in Psalms 123:2.
In part of the scripture, King David lays it all to the children of God thus: “…so will keep looking to you, o Lord our God, until you have mercy on us…” Amen!
In Nayamika, Mulilo simply exalts and extols the name of Lord, just like in all the 1, 189 chapters of the Bible, there is no other name mentioned above the name of the Lord. Mulilo calls Him Chiuta in his song.
Like sheep in search of pasture, Chiuta is the ever present Lord, the Shepherd, King of Kings, strong tower and master, who never lets us go astray.
I am relishing to view his latest video of the song Budozer (or Bulldozer if you like), which Mulilo recently shot at the Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC), but hey, the audio is already making a difference in my heart and to many others, I guess.
Budozer, in Mulilo’s own words, is one song which testifies that the name of the Lord has trumped upon snakes and serpents, taken away poverty, diseases, stagnation and afflictions in every believers’ life.
It is one song which Christians will also take as a confirmation that through the dying of Jesus Christ, all hindrances, mountains and valleys, witchcraft, backwardness and less spiritual growth in their daily lives, have been taken care of.
Concluding this awesome Get-way studio production is the song – Ichilaka – (thirsty), in which he lifts the name of Jesus on high.
Seemingly inspired by the scripture in Psalms 42 which partly reads: “…As a Deer longs for a stream of cool water, So, I long for you Lord…”
Featuring the revered Pastor Gain Hankopa, the song amounts to the river of life that the Lord out-pours to His Children and ounce you are thirsty for it, drink from it daily and your blessings will never run dry!
“Finally,” Mulilo advises, “all you who thirsty for the Lord and His Word, to  get this collection of an album and your life will definitely never be the same, today and forever more to the glory of the Lord”. Amen!

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