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‘I need more women’

ONE woman is not enough for a Kitwe man who has asked the local court to grant him permission to marry a second wife.
Before senior local court magistrate Frederick Ndhlovu was Alice Tembo who sued Ben Ngosa for divorce owing to his persistence that he wants a second wife.

Magistrate Ndhlovu heard that the couple wed in 1999 and have four children together.
Tembo testified that the two lived in marital bliss until last year when Ngosa impregnated another woman in Kitwe’s Kapoto township.
“One day, I just saw a woman who came to shout at me saying that I stole Mr Ngosa from her, I was surprised because we have been married for a long time.
“This woman gave birth to his twins that later died, then he went to Solwezi where he found a job but surprisingly married another woman and only recently told me that he has a second wife,” Tembo said.
She begged the court to end her marriage because she cannot afford to be in a polygamous marriage.
In his defence, Ngosa said Tembo often left her matrimonial home whenever the two have a disagreement.
He said Tembo is very wasteful with money to the extent that she can even spend a K2,000 in one day.
“I once gave her money amounting to K 2,000 and she spent it in a day. The other time I gave her money to buy a plot and register it in my name only to discover that it is in her name,” he said.
Ngosa also said he is not in support of the divorce because all he wants is to have a second wife.
In passing the verdict, magistrate Ndhlovu granted the couple divorce and reprimanded Ngosa for entertaining the idea of marrying a second wife.
He ordered Ngosa to give Tembo K10,000 as compensation in monthly instalments of K500.


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