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I love to help children – Chimuka Mapiki

At 16  and in grade 10, Chimuka Mapiki of SOS Senior High School dreams of becoming a Pediatrician once he completes secondary education.
He says he wants to help the children, especially those in rural areas.
Chimuka says he wants to study Medicine at Oxford University and become a pediatrician so that he can be of great service here in Zambia.
“I believe I will be able to get the best education at Oxford University and be able to help out many sick children here in Zambia, especially those in rural areas,’’ he said.
The last in a family of 12, Chimuka wants to make a difference by becoming the first doctor in the family.
He works very hard at School and does not leave anything to chance, Chimuka enjoys studying and is determined to achieve his goals.
“I usually wake up at night. It is usually quiet and easy for me to concentrate while I study. I believe studying is the only way I can make sure I achieve all my goals, ‘’he said.
His favourite subjects at school are mathematics, biology and history while his favourite meal is fried chicken with rice. Chimuka enjoys playing football and reading inspirational books during his free time.
He has advised his fellow pupils and other young people out there to focus on their education and not involve themselves in immoral and violent acts that may destroy their future.
“I have noticed that many pupils,  especially at this age, are influenced by their friends and develop bad habits such and smoking and causing trouble in school.  My advice to my fellow pupils is that they should obey their teachers and avoid peer pressure so that they can focus on better things,’’ he said.
Chimuka also advised his peers to always look up to God and put him first in everything they do because nothing is impossible with him.


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