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‘I have never seen a person who is stingy like my wife’

WHILE money may mean happiness to some couples, it has brought about untold misery for John Phiri, a Kitwe husband who now wants to divorce his wife of 13 years.

Before Kitwe local court senior magistrate Frederick Ndhlovu was Phiri who sued his wife Susan Mwila for divorce owing to the never ending disputes over their salaries.
Phiri told the court that the couple tied the knot in 2004, but have never lived in marital bliss despite having two children together.
“My wife has a problem. I have never seen a person who is stingy with money like my wife. Whenever she gets paid, she becomes a problem. She doesn’t want us to sit as a couple and make a budget together.
“She never buys anything, even basic things like books for kids among others. When I try to talk to her about it, she says I am the one who married her so I should provide everything,” Phiri said.
He told the court that he is tired of living with such a wife and he asked the court to grant him divorce.
In her defence, Mwila laughed off Phiri’s claims saying he is two times stingier than her.
“If I am stingy, then he [Phiri] is two times worse than me. He also has a problem of reporting every dispute to his relatives before we can sit and talk it over as a couple,” Mwila said.
And in passing judgement, magistrate Ndhlovu turned divorce into reconciliation, stating that the two should not let money ruin their marriage.
“Money can be a blessing and a curse, depending on how you handle it, there is no need for you to fight over money; learn to sit together and plan as a family whenever you have money,” he said.

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