I have counter-sued abusive husband

DEAR pastor,
My husband became abusive, even threatening my life. He filed for divorce. I countersued him because I was now tired, then he withdrew but I don’t believe his genuine.

Ans: Dear madam, thanks for finding time to get in touch with Godly Counsel. If your partner becomes abusive and violent to the level of threatening your life, that is dangerous and unacceptable. Why should you lose your precious life for the sake of marriage?
Bluntly put, the Bible advises: “But if the unbeliever departs, let him depart, a brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases but God has called us to peace”. God’s desire and profound expectation from couples is that they live a peaceful marriage life. Other than that, there is no need of living together.
You have just hinted to me that you have counter sued your husband and in this case I would advise that you allow the due process of the law to take its course and see how far it will go. However, owing to the fact that your husband has withdrawn his case against you, with the help of your church and families try by all means to settle this matter outside court.
If you have children together, I do not think you will be permanent enemies. Children are a common denominator to both of you. They will need parental guidance from both of you as mother and father. Thus, God hates divorce, you’ll never hear it in his vocabulary (Malachi 2:14-16). Blessings!
She left me for another man
Dear pastor,
THANKS for all your wonderful response you give to people. I am a man aged 21 who is in love with a lady of the same age. We started dating four years ago and after two years of our relationship, she left me for another man. I was left with a broken heart.
After a year and some months, I decided to get back with her because of my love for her but again after just a few months, she left for another man. So, it has been four months but I can’t stop thinking about her. Please help.
Ans: Brother, thank you for your email. It’s a good thing for two people to fall in love, but if things cannot just match up, it’s time to call it quits. If I may ask, why should you endanger your precious life with heart attack all in the name of love? As a young man, why should you derail your own future by sticking to a lady who neither loves nor wants you? For how long will you ‘mourn’ for her, seeing she has rejected you twice now?
No matter how much you love this lady, nothing will work out for your benefit. She is not ready for you. She is unstable in all her decisions and still exploring the world for the ‘right’ man. Do not force yourself in this relationship, otherwise you will live to regret.
As young and energetic as you are, my free advice to you sir is that leave this lady alone and move on with life. Be brave enough to take this bold decision. The world is too big to limit yourself to her. Look ahead, there are many other wonderful and beautiful ladies you have not yet met, who could bring similar joy and love.
You have a long way to go in life. For now occupy yourself with issues to do with building up your future. At 21, there are many things you need to put in place before you can seriously think of another date. At your tender age, you have a promising future – yet to blossom, get back to school and study for a degree. Blessings!
Dear pastor
I am a woman aged 41, HIV+, with two children, and looking for a serious man as a life partner who is also HIV+. 0950-765220.
Dear pastor,
I am a man aged 30 looking for a single Christian lady ready for marriage, without or with not more than two children, aged 25-30. No time wasters 0964- 835852.
Dear pastor,
I am a divorcee lady aged 34 with two children living positively, looking for a serious man aged 40-45 with 2-4 children, who works and goes to church. 0954- 272011.
Dear pastor,
I am a female aged 34 in Ndola, looking for a partner aged 40 and above. He must be a God-fearing person and responsible. 0978-505658.
Dear pastor,
I am a man aged 42, HIV+, living in Lusaka, and looking for a female friend who is HIV+. 0975-559922.
Dear pastor,
I am a male aged 22 looking for a loving and caring partner aged 18-35. 0955-709589.
Dear graduating student nurse from Kalene/Mukinge/Solwezi school of nursing. I am a middle-man aged 56 seeking future friendship/relationship. Text to 0966- 683545 or email:

Dear pastor,
I am a man aged 32 in Kafue, looking for a single lady to marry. 0961630389.
Marriage: Husband, do not deal treacherously against the wife of your youth. (Malachi 2:15-16). Blessings!
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