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‘I have benefited nothing from this marriage’

A THIRTY-THREE-year-old woman of Kawama in Kitwe has asked the Buchi local court to grant her divorce from her husband of eight years because she has not

benefited anything from the marriage.
Maureen Nkonde told Buchi local court senior presiding magistrate Nsama Banda that she wants to divorce her husband, Godfrey Mubiana, 36, because he is promiscuous and irresponsible.
Nkonde complained that her husband is lazy and does not want to engage in any kind of work that can earn him some money.
She testified that since the couple got married in 2009, she is the one that has been sustaining their livelihood through her business and that all her husband does is to frustrate her efforts.
Nkonde complained that she helped her husband to start different kinds of businesses on two occasions but then he squandered the money and even ended up committing adultery with other women.
She also said her husband’s relatives have never accepted her and that they always accuse her of being older than him.
But Mubiana said all the problems in the couple’s marriage emanate from his wife’s possessiveness.
“My wife is a very jealous person. Every time she sees me talking to any woman, it is war. She thinks every woman I talk to is my girlfriend,” he said.
Mubiana said his wife has no respect for him just because she earns more than he does.
Magistrate Banda adjourned the case to a later date.

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