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‘I found her washing her privates’

A THIRTY-YEAR-OLD man of Lusaka’s Barlastone township stunned the Matero Local court when he narrated how he found his wife on several occasions washing her private parts when he came home from work.
This is in a matter in which Andrew Mwansa sued Mercy Mambwe 28 of the same area for divorce. The two got married in 2006 and have two children together. K1,000 bride price out of K2,000 was paid.
Mwansa told the court that problems in their marriage started in 2007 when Mambwe got a part time job.
“She lost respect and always insulted me in the presence of our children. I have on several occasions found her washing her private parts and when I asked, she told me that she feels lazy to bath. I also found her standing by the door half naked,” he said.
Mwansa said he found his neighbour’s phone number in his phone and when he confronted him, he was told that his wife gave it to him.
He told the court that he had on several occasions found his neighbour’s clothes on his bed, adding that Mambwe had threatening to kill him.
In defence, Mambwe denied the allegations and told the court that Mwansa did not provide food at home.
“My husband deserted our matrimonial home for two months and since then, he never provides for his children. I have been doing everything single-handedly” she said.
Mambwe pleaded with the court not to grant them divorce saying she still loves her husband and that she was not ready to divorce.
In passing judgement, the court granted divorce on account that there was lack of respect and trust in the marriage. Mwansa was ordered to compensate Mambwe with K8000.

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