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I didn’t expect to reach final, says Mupopo

SPRINTER Kabange Mupopo did not expect to reach the 400m final at the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) World

Championship in London.
Mupopo said she did not compete in a number of tournaments due to sickness.
On Monday night, Mupopo finished second in the 400m semi-finals with 50.60 seconds to advance to the final.
She clocked 51.09 seconds to finish in first position in the first round.
“I did not expect it but I put in my best and I managed to reach this far. I have kept working hard and most importantly, I have enjoyed my race. I have been having a difficult time. I have been sick and have not had many competitions this year, so it has been hard,” Mupopo said in an interview.
She took to the track last night in the 400m final.
Mupopo reached the semi-finals at the World Championship in Beijing in 2015.
She won gold in 400m at the 2015 Congo-Brazzaville All-Africa Games and conquered at the Confederation of African Athletics Senior Championship in Durban.
Mupopo reached the semi-finals at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.
And Zambia Army commander Lieutenant General Paul Mihova is impressed with Mupopo’s performance.
“Her [Mupopo’s] performance does not only bring glory to the Zambia Army but to the country as a whole. Zambia Army has been leading in sporting activities such as football, judo, karate, netball, volleyball and athletics,” Mihova said.
He said the Army will continue to sponsor various sporting activities.
Mupopo is a sergeant in the Army.