Hyped Mapiki show flops

MAPIKI performing at Blue Ray Night Club in Livingstone last Saturday. PICTURE: NDANGWA MWITTAH

THERE was a lot of hype about Mapiki’s show at Blue Ray Nightclub in Livingstone last Saturday. Apart from the usual banners positioned at key points in the city, there was also a public address system going round town advertising the show that was pegged at K20.
Going by the hype from the adverts and also his popularity, or maybe the popularity of his song Mubili Wandilekelela, which is loosely translated as my body has forsaken me, one would have thought that the place would be packed to the rafters.
But it was not.
Nonetheless, that did not stop him from performing.
Even though a quick head count revealed that it was less than 50 people, Mapiki, who was accompanied by Cyko Bob, Mapiki, was seemingly unaffected.
Mapiki shot to fame when he released Mubili Wandilekelela, song that has been enjoying airplay on most radio stations, particularly the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC), thanks to presenter Herbert Mutabi aka DJ Dazzle, who seems to love it.
In the song, Mapiki talks about how this man, who is past his prime, still wants to play but his body cannot allow him to do so because old age is catching up.
But he accuses the body of forsaking him when he most needs it.
However, the same could be said about him; his fans forsake him when he most needed them.
Maybe it was the rains or the fact that it was the first show since Petersen Zagaze performed at the same venue over a month ago.
Or maybe the timing was just bad.
Whatever the case, the artiste put up an energy supping performance, which the few people in the audience seemed to appreciate.

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