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Husband fathers 2 outside wedlock

A WOMAN of Kitwe’s Wusakile township dragged her husband of one year to court for divorce after discovering that he had fathered two children with different women when she lived with him as a wife.

The woman, Agness Kalaba, 23, has since been granted divorce from Michael Kalaluka, on grounds that he is promiscuous. The two have a child together.

Kalaba told Buchi senior local court magistrates Caroline Mbewe, who sat with Elita Bwalya, that Kalaluka had informed her before they got married that he had two children from his previous marriage.
She told the court that she accepted to marry him and assured him that she will take care of his children.
But Kalaba said problems in their marriage started just after she fell pregnant and her husband started keeping late nights as well as sleeping out.
She said a few months after giving birth, her husband confessed to her that he had impregnated another….

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