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‘It hurts me to see sick people’

EVERYTHING starts with a dream and for seven-year-old Dingile Zulu of Chipata, she will not be deterred from becoming a medical doctor.
Dingile says the sky is the limit. She has a passion of taking care of the sick and this has prompted her to dream big.
She is determined to be added to the list of emerging doctors owing to the fact that the country has embarked on building more health facilities in both urban and rural areas.
It is her hope that she beefs up the low staff levels in the health sector.  Dingile offers a fervent prayer that God guides her to complete school and does what she knows best: caring for the sick.
Q: How many are you in your family?
Ans: Five, I have two elder sisters and two elder brothers. I am the last-born.
Q: What grade are you doing?
Ans: I am doing grade four.
Q: Which school do you go to?
Ans: MEM private School in Chipata.
Q: What are your favourite subjects?
Ans: English, Mathematics, and Environmental Science.
Q: Why are these subjects your favourite?
Ans: I will start with English; I like the subject because I believe it is the mother board of all the subjects. It teaches learners how to write correct sentences and enables pupils to know how to read.  I love Mathematics because I love to add, subtract, multiple, and dividing numbers.  Science is also my favorite because it has everything to do with the environment and one learns how the human body functions, I also like it because it will prepare me for my career of becoming a medical doctor in future.
Q: Who is your favorite Teacher?
Ans: Teacher Kayonda.
Q: Why do you like her?
Ans: I like her because she takes care of me when I am at school and she also understands me.
Q: Who is your best friend and why?
Ans: Lisa, because I love her and we exchange knowledge. I sometimes teach her how to read.
Q: What do you want to become after completing school?
Ans: I want to become a medical doctor because it hurts me to see sick people. I really want to be examining and treating them. To show how much I want to be a doctor, I take care of my father, mother and siblings whenever each of them falls ill.
Q: Who is your inspiration?
Ans: My inspiration is my family, especially dad and mum. They love me a lot and I love them, too. They are the ones who encourage me to do medicine. My parents always tell me to work hard to attain my dream. I am very young but intelligent.
Q: What is your memorable moment in life?
Ans: My memorable moment was when I was given a speech by my teacher to read to all the pupils and teachers at my school and I did it well. I love reading and addressing a crowd.
Q: What do you do during your free time?
Ans: Riding my bicycle is what I love doing. I also watch cartoons and my favourite is Super Strikers.
Q: What is your favourite dish?
Ans: Pizza
Q: In your view, who is a good child?
Ans: A good child is one who has respect for elderly people and loves God.

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