Letter to the Editor

It hurt me

Dear Editor,
IT hurt me to see the body of the once courageous, fearless, towering figure of our president Michael Sata carried by the defence and security pall-bearers after a 21-gun salute by Zambia Army.
Our president never got discouraged each time he came second in presidential polls but fought on until he came number one.
He never got enmeshed in any power haze, neither did he create one.
Many figures, dragging their stereotype from their youth, passed from observation and brought these superiority attitudes which rubbed off on to others.
Our president always waited on the people of Zambia to crown him and he never forced matters.
A great lesson I have learned from my president Sata indeed.
Your spirit lives on in me. Your strong character will always brush up my personality.
Rest in eternal peace, Mr President.

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