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‘Hungry’ bus conductor jailed for burglary

A BUS conductor of Nkwazi township in Ndola has been sentenced to two years imprisonment with hard labour for breaking into a fast food outlet.
In this case, Tobias Tembo, 23, of house number 2338, pleaded guilty to burglary and theft before a Ndola magistrate’s court.
Magistrate Emmanuel Malenga last Friday convicted Tembo on his own unequivocal plea of guilty.
“Based on your own admission of the offence, I find you guilty as charged and I accordingly convict you. I have heard what you have said in your mitigation and I have taken it into consideration.
“However, you committed a grave offence by intentionally breaking the window and found your way into a food shop with the intention known to yourself,” Mr Malenga said.
He said the offence Tembo committed carries a maximum sentence of five years imprisonment with hard labour but decided to exercise leniency by imposing a two-year jail sentence with effect from April 17, 2015.
The magistrate granted Tembo leave to appeal to the High Court within 14 days.
Tembo told the court that he broke into Sweet Bite Restaurant on March 9 this year because he wanted some food to eat as he was drunk and hungry.
In mitigation, Tembo asked the court to exercise leniency because he was drunk when he committed the offence and that he is the breadwinner of the family.
Facts before the court are that on the fateful day around 18:00 hours, a security guard on duty at Sweet Bite heard a loud noise inside the Fast Food outlet around 18.00 hours.
When he went in to check what was happening, he found Tembo hiding inside the eatery.
A further inspection of the building revealed that the window panes were shattered.
Tembo was apprehended and taken to Ndola Central Police Station where he admitted committing the offence.

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