Letter to the Editor

Humility should be every civic leader’s political lesson

Dear Editor
I WRITE to urge people in authority, especially civic leaders, to always aspire to remain obedient and respectful to the general population

regardless of political affiliation, ethnicity, education status and indeed colour.
The reported apology by former Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services and Roan member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili to the Tonga-speaking people after being shown a red card by PF should serve as warning to those fond of disrespecting people.
I have said more times than once that politics is about people and not individuality no matter how powerful one may deem himself/herself at a particular given time.
It is, however, sad that some civic leaders realise the power of people too late.
Political antagonism should not mean political enmity at all.
It does not pay to always insult or demean people just because one has authority because those are the same people who determine civic leaders’ political life of relevance to the nation.
Much as I am not speaking ill about Chishimba’s apology nor charging him, I take this chance to continue schooling our civic leaders to humble themselves all the time when responding to people.
As a civic leader, one is surely bound to be insulted or/and even falsely accused by those who feel neglected by them but they should not reciprocate with the same insults.
Leadership is about service to the people.

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