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Hubby, wife jailed

A KITWE man and his wife will spend the next six months in prison for assaulting the woman’s ex-lover.
Kitwe magistrate Kampinda Chipamu sent Kennedy Mulenga and Lorraine Mwape to prison on Wednesday after finding the couple guilty of assaulting Peter Chotwe, who is Mwape’s former lover.
Particulars of the case are that the duo, on May 7, this year, in Kitwe, jointly and whilst acting together, assaulted Peter Chotwe and occasioned him actual bodily harm.
They both denied the charge.
But in delivering judgment, magistrate Chipamu observed that from the evidence adduced during trial, the State had managed to prove the case against the couple beyond reasonable doubt.
According to the evidence on record, a fight between Mr Chotwe and the couple ensued after the latter found the former in their grandfather’s house.
Mulenga was upset to find Chotwe, who had earlier cohabited with his wife for some years, in her grandfather’s house.
The couple resides in a cabin within Mwape’s grandfather’s yard.
Upon seeing Chotwe in the house at their grandfather’s house, the couple angrily reacted and hit him with slaps and elbows whilst dragging him outside.
Magistrate Chipamu observed that it was normal for any man to feel threatened if his wife’s ex-lover comes close to their matrimonial home, but this was no justification for violence.
The court found Mulenga and Mwape, who have been married for two years, guilty of assault and convicted them accordingly.
Magistrate Chipamu imposed a six months imprisonment with hard labour jail term on Mulenga, while his wife was given six months simple imprisonment.
Earlier in mitigation, the couple prayed for leniency, saying they were looking after an aged grandfather.

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