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Hubby suspects wife of infidelity

WITH just a year into their marriage, a man has decided to divorce his wife suspecting her of infidelity.
This was heard before justices Abbyshine Michelo and Bertha Zulu at the Lusaka Boma Court in a case where Leeward Simbeya, 27, of Garden has sued Mary Kunda, 20, also of Garden for divorce.
Simbeya told the court that the two have been married since 2014 but they do not have children together. However, Kunda has a child from a previous relationship. He said problems started on October 5 when he got home from work to find his wife was out.
The search for her within the neighbourhood yielded no results forcing him to go back home around 19:35 hours.
“I waited for her until 20:00 hours but she still did not turn up. When she finally came home, she prepared supper, served me and went to eat alone outside our house.
“When I later went to check on her, Kunda was nowhere to be found and that was around 22:00 hours,” he said.
He said Kunda only went home the following day but that he refused to allow her enter the house without telling him where she had spent the night.
“There was a time she fell pregnant but aborted, saying she wanted to be free,” he said.
In her statement, Kunda denied aborting the pregnancy, saying she had miscarried. She complained that afterwards, Simbeya stopped providing for her.
She said the day she went home late, she had taken the child she has from a previous relationship to the hospital but after getting home, Simbeya refused to open for her.
The case was adjourned for both parties to go to court with their parents.

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