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Hubby shocked that wife is married to another man

A DISTRAUGHT man of Luapula Province narrated before the Chingola local court how his wife of thirty-eight years got married to another man.
Danny Mulenga told senior local court magistrate Douglas Kakunta that Aaron Musonda married his wife, Florence Mubanga, 53, when

she came to Chingola to visit her relatives.
“I had been hearing rumours that my wife was married and when I decided to come here to find out, I found that it was true story,” he said.
He was giving evidence against Musonda, whom he has sued for compensation for wife abduction and adultery.
Mulenga said that he married Mubanga in 1979 and together they have eleven children.
He told the court that he paid K15 dowry to Mubanga’s relatives before marrying her.
“I was working here when I married her but we relocated to Luapula Province in 1990. By then I had two wives,” he said.
He said that because Mubanga had just given birth when they were about to relocate, he advised her to remain and follow the family later.
“When my wife followed us to the village, we were living happily until in 2014 when she decided to come and visit her relatives, “he said.
Mulenga told the court that since 2014, Mubanga has never returned to the village.
He told the court that he wants Musonda to compensate him for breaking his marriage.
But Musonda said he met Mubanga in 2015 and married her in 2016 because she told him that she was a divorcee.
Musonda said he is not committing adultery because he paid dowry to her family.
Musonda said that he has been a responsible husband and supports three of Mubanga’s children.
And Mubanga further told the court that her family took back Mulenga’s bride price because he is a promiscuous man.
“My husband is Musonda, not Mulenga. I left Mulenga in 2014 when I discovered that he had impregnated another woman in the village,” she said.
She said that when she went to the village in 1990, she found Mulenga married to another woman in the village.
Mr Kakunta adjourned the case to April 24 for judgment.