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Hubby pulls my private parts, narrates Mansa woman

A THIRTY-THREE year-old woman of Mansa has sued her abusive husband for allegedly calling her a prostitute and inflicting injuries on her womanhood.
Appearing before senior local court magistrate Christopher Nkandu sitting with magistrate Margaret Nsakalima was Peggy Mambwe, who sued Lewis Mambwe, 47, for divorce.
The two tied the knot in 2013 and have no children.
Peggy wants divorce on grounds that her husband is fond of pulling her private parts whenever they have a fight and accuses her of being a prostitute, who even sleeps with her biological father.
She told the court that problems in their marriage started when her husband lied to her that he had three children when in fact he had nine.
Peggy said her husband also accuses her of being a prostitute who sleeps with different men, including her biological father.
She explained that despite having nine children and out of employment, her husband still pressurises her to have more children.
“One day I missed my periods due to the family planning pills I was taking. My husband was very happy and even went to buy clothes for babies but he was disappointed to learn that actually I did not conceive and that is how his behaviour even changed,” she said.
Peggy  explained that her husband is a neighbourhood police officer and would normally use assorted weapons to beat her.
She said her husband no longer supports her and was recently beaten by unknown people after being caught in bed with a married woman.
And Lewis accused his wife of lying to him that she never had any children when they first met when in fact she had four.
He said his wife also has a tendency of starving his children by hiding food under the bed.
In his judgement, magistrate Nkandu divorced the couple and ordered Lewis to compensate Peggy K2,000 to be paid in instalments of K100 per month.
Magistrate Nkandu, however, observed that Peggy has a tendency of getting married with a view to getting compensated and this prompted him not to order the two to share property.

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