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Hubby lies about trips

A MANSA housewife is seeking divorce from her husband who lies that he is going on a trip when he is co-habiting with another woman in the same town.

Mary Kalumba, 30 who sued Mutale, 40, has pleaded with the Manza local court to dissolve her 12-year-old marriage which she says is built on lies.
The two got married in 2005 and have two children together, bride price was paid.
Kalumba claimed Mutale also threatens to kill her whenever she claims any of the properties they acquired together.
Kalumba narrated before senior local court magistrate Leontina Zaloumis sitting with magistrate Margarete Sankalimba that the two lived in harmony after they got married until two years later when Mutale started having an extra-marital affairs.
“My husband would call me to inform tell me that he was not going to come back home and he would switch off his phones and only to resurface the next day. Now he doesn’t even come home claiming that he has gone for a work trip but he has been living with a woman in Mansa,” she narrated.
Kalumba also claimed Mutale did not like any of her relatives including the two children she had from her previous relationship despite having agreed to taking care of them before the two got married.
She also told the court that when she got pregnant, Mutale did not give her any money to prepare for their unborn child but instead spent most of his time drinking beer.
But Mutale told the court that his wife accuses him of being a witch and that her behaviour changed when he stopped work.
In passing judgment, magistrate Zaloumis observed that Mutale and Kalumba had already divorced outside court due to their misunderstandings.
She ordered Mutale to compensate Kalumba with K5,000 to be paid in instalments of K250 per month, without defaulting.
Magistrate Zaloumis also ordered the two to sell a house, which they acquired together and share 50 percent each from the proceedings.
The couple was also ordered to share the household property equally.