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How to inspire productive workforce

MOSES Simwanza has worked as a food processing operator at one of the major manufacturing companies in Lusaka for over 12 years.
With a wife and three children to look after, Simwanza has dedicated his long service to the company to better his socio-economic conditions and those of the people around him in one way or the other.
However, despite numerous attempts by him and fellow workers to compel management to improve their working conditions, their plea has continuously fallen on deaf ears.
With the harsh economic challenges and price escalation of commodities, Simwanza has been left with no choice but to resign from his job and seek a better paying job with favourable working conditions.
Simwanza adds to the number of workers who have abandoned their jobs in search of better working conditions, thereby contributing to the unemployment levels in the country.
This story is among the many shared that highlight challenges of low salaries and poor working conditions among many others that continue to negatively affect the labour force, thereby contributing to low productivity in the country.
According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), increased productivity can effectively be achieved through higher wages and better working conditions for workers.
Labour productivity is one of the significant economic indicators and catalysts of CLICK TO READ MORE