How to change your desire – II

Youthful Living with PASTOR MOYO M
THERE are few pointers for someone to change their desire in life. A lot of youths have a lot of desires, but due to different circumstances, they fail to achieve their intended desire.

It is very important to understand that everything which God created is good, but not everything is achievable. Here are but just a few reasons as to how youths change their desires.
Financial: Life becomes challenging if, as a youth, your parent is unable to sponsor you any more due to some challenges, say, for instance, death, losing employment, being imprisoned, critical illness, etc. In times like these, you need to change the desire to adjust to the prevailing situation.
Physical: If your desire in life is to become a nurse, then accidentally you are involved in an accident that causes you to lose your arm or leg, it becomes a challenge to continue pursuing your desired career due to the nature of work.
In such times, it’s very important to come out positive and change your desire towards something that would meet physical ability, say, for instance, teaching.
Mental: At times, the youth desire something which can’t be achieved just for the sake of wanting it. It is common knowledge that to become an engineer, you need good grades in mathematics and physical sciences, but here is a youth who is very good in social sciences and language, but for some reasons, he or she has a challenge with mathematics but still wishes to achieve their desires at all cost. This leads to failure in life.
In Hosea 6:6, the Bible says: For I desire mercy, and not sacrifice; the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings.
So, in whichever way you, as youth, desire, it is very important to set your desire in line with your strength, be it physical, spiritual, and financial, etc. Even as you are setting your targets, remember to ask God at every level.
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