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How to attract a good man

Love & Life Issues with EMMANUEL MUKULA
Many women ask themselves: What can I do to attract the right man for marriage. There are some who have been dating for a long time but the big question is not popping up. I would like to share a few things that a woman needs to work on to attract a man who will be committed enough to be her husband.

First and foremost, a woman needs to be particular about the way she looks. She should also wear a smile and not always seem as though she is annoyed with the world. A woman should show that she is confident by being happy with herself and not expect a man to make her happy.

A woman needs to smell good and take pride in her looks. Smelling good isn’t just about wearing a perfume but that extra care you give yourself. Enjoy making yourself look good. Being a woman is about appearance and attitude.
It is also important to add value to a man’s life. He should also be proud to show off his woman, be it to his friends or family. Your smile and beauty need to brighten a man’s life and not make him gloomy.
Be there for your man and make him feel secure and wanted. When a man shows his weakest points, do not use that against him.
Learn to pamper your man. Let him know that he can drop his guard and find security in you. Take both with you as you get into a relationship.
Always be honest about your feelings to your man or the man that seeks to date you at some point. Talk about your insecurities, your wants and your dislikes as it helps to grow the relationship. It’s impossible to build or even think of a lasting relationship with a woman you cannot trust.
Do not bring negative energy into a new relationship. Doing so is the quickest way to make any man turn his back.
Work on yourself and deal with your past disappointments before you choose to get into a relationship.
Lastly, let me advise you to make a decision to resolve all your past temperament flaws. Seek professional help if you can’t deal with it yourself. Be baggage-free when you enter a relationship and start well with your partner.
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