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How shall we arrest crimes of passion?

REPORTS of a teen couple found with stab wounds at a named lodge in Kitwe this Friday leading to the death of a 17-year-old girl compounds crimes of passion in the country that beg urgent attention.
Against the background that the married, those in courtship and those in casual love affairs have continued to be embroiled in such scuffles, on confirms that the ‘plague’ may claim more lives.
Defined as a crime committed because of very strong emotional feelings, especially in connection with a sexual relationship, the scourge requires both spiritual and psychological intervention.
Maybe it is about time marriage counsellors updated their syllabus to include tips that deal with disappointments and healing of broken hearts.
Further, the Church which has in the past done well in preaching against the sins of the flesh, would this time around do well to intensify studies that focus on guiding jilted lovers.
In the recent incident, it is believed that a teen couple booked themselves at the lodge on Friday afternoon, January 8, where the 17-year-old girl was later found naked, unconscious with multiple stab wounds on her back while the boy was also found naked but still conscious with his face down in a pool of blood in the bathroom.
Her parents, who are still trying to unravel the mystery surrounding her death, confirmed that she had turned down his proposal three days before the incident, yet can’t understand how the suspected assailant managed to lure her to the lodge.
The suspect, aged between 23 and 28 years, survived the suicide attempt and is nursing injuries at Kitwe Teaching Hospital, while the girl’s body has been deposited at the hospital mortuary.
If we already know that common reasons that have led to such killings have been said to be cheating, betrayal and denial, then we certainly have somewhere to start from.
Not belittling the works marriage counsellors have been doing in preparing would-be couples, a step further would be empowering them with tips on how to get out of either marriages or relationships with broken pieces.
As it has been said that there is a thin line between love and hate, and it is impossible to monitor lovers and their extent of commitment to each other, couples themselves should learn to deal with broken hearts.
Considering that both the young and old have been caught up in such crimes, it confirms that matters of the heart do not know boundaries, hence the need for a holistic approach in arresting the scourge.
Just last week, a man of Chongwe was allegedly hacked to death by his girlfriend’s lover after he confiscated her phone on Christmas Eve.
The victim was said to have confiscated a phone from his 51-year-old lover; a phone bought by another man (41-year-old assailant) who dragged the women to go and retrieve it from a place where the fight erupted.
Memories are still fresh of a 21-year old nursing student of Chitambo Nursing College in Serenje who was brutally murdered by her 31-year-old boyfriend after being ditched for another man.
What about the story of Dr Tasila Tembo, at 47, who was gruesomely murdered by her 33-year-old soldier lover for ending their affair?
Zambia has woken up to rude shock each time news of such casualties is reported in the media to the bewilderment of surviving family members.
We look forward to a time when couples would agree to disagree and walk out of each other’s lives believing that there is life after break-ups.

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