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SAVENDA is involved in mine supply services to major mining companies.

How Savenda Group of Companies was built

IN 1997, Dr Miles Munroe announced that he would be going to Johannesburg, South Africa, for a business seminar. Having been a follower of Dr Munroe for years, Clever Mpoha decided to be part of the delegates for the conference.
“I left for South Africa at a time I was working for Barloworld together with my wife,” Mpoha, the managing director for Savenda Group of Companies, writes in his autobiography.
“Dr Munroe was amazing, and he opened up my mind. When I came back, I told my wife that I could no longer work for another man.”
The trip from Kitwe to Johannesburg was a peculiar one. At the time he made the trip, he was just a mere employee with a tight budget of finances. Nevertheless, together with friends, they took a bus from Kitwe to Livingstone and then they had to connect with a train from Livingstone to Johannesburg.
But when they got to Livingstone, they found that the train from Livingstone to Johannesburg had already left.
Devastated and with the next train only expected the following week, they had to find a way of getting to Johannesburg at all costs.
“An idea dawned on us about getting on the cargo train to move from Livingstone to Johannesburg,” he says. “The train officers further improved the idea by suggesting that a small passenger wagon could be hooked to the cargo train and take us to Johannesburg. And that is how we moved from Bulawayo to Johannesburg.
“Circumstances could have spoiled our life-changing trip, but we did not let circumstances dictate our destiny. We got to Johannesburg and attended the conference, which I can proudly confess changed the course of my life because of the teachings of CLICK TO READ MORE