Letter to the Editor

How do we defeat this climate change?

Dear editor,
HOW do we defeat this climate change? I have come up with one proposal to our Government and the community at large, including some small-scale farmers.
Let us not depend on rainfall alone. We should start implementing the irrigation systems by building more dams and supply more boreholes.
The days of waiting for rains are slowly fading out. Government should start empowering some small-scale farmers since three quarters of the maize is grown by them.
Let us as a country have irrigation programmes.
To those who are willing to meet some conditions of agri-business dealers in agriculture equipment, the earlier the better.
One day we shall go without any single drop of rain.
What we have experienced during the last rainy season could be a lesson to learn that climate change can cause havoc at any time to human life.
My humble appeal is that all the small and large-scale farmers support my proposal.

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