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House with 2 trees targeted by witch-finder

LIVING at a house with two trees in the yard has turned into a nightmare for a man of Kitwe after a witch-finder drew the same picture in his divination to explain to his client where a wizard bewitching people in Mukuba farm area lived.
Isaac Isoni, who lives at a house with two trees, told the court that although the witchdoctor did not mention names, Paul Mukwimba, who hired the witch-finder, concluded that the old man was the one the healer referred to.
This was heard in a case in which Isoni sued Mukwimba over witchcraft accusations.
Isoni told the court that the problem started when his niece fell sick and died mysteriously.
He said Mukwimba later engaged people in the area to contribute money so that they could call a witchdoctor to find out who was bewitching people in CLICK TO READ MORE

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