Hot cooking oil revenge

A WIFE of Chisamba has allegedly poured hot cooking oil on her husband in an apparent retaliation for being beaten by him after a quarrel.
Patricia Sikaindo, 40, allegedly poured hot cooking oil on her 44-yearold husband, Benson Siagolezya, of Mupamapamo area, on Wednesday around 05:00 hours.
Central Province Commissioner of Police Chola Katanga said in an interview yesterday that Sikaindo has been arrested for assault occasioning bodily harm.
“The couple picked a quarrel which resulted in the husband beating his wife and later went to sleep,” Mr
Katanga said.
“The following day around 05:00 hours while her husband was asleep, she went to the kitchen, boiled cooking oil and later poured it on her husband.” CLICK TO READ MORE

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