Horse Shoe Steak House inspiring creative lifestyle

WHILE Chaminuka Lodge and Game Reserve continues to offer a splendid and  artistic environment in the hospitality industry, The Horse Shoe Steak House, formerly Polo Grill, on Lusaka’s Nangwenya Road has joined the ranks with an expanse of artifacts complete with  an African-inspired interior.
Forget about the sumptuous food, if you love aesthetic design and the creative use of space, then you will certainly love the work of Miryan Khazaal at Horse Shoe Steak House.
The emblem of the newly-opened steak house is creatively made out of real pieces of horse shoes. This is the artistic ambiance that immediately caught my attention.
At the entrance to the main dining hall are two leather horse saddles perched on a metal pedestal. Besides, there is a table hosting an antique wooden box, it does not need an expert to tell that the object is several years old. On face value, the wooden box looks as though it was salvaged from the rubble of the Titanic. Nonetheless, the seemingly antique box is a classic art piece in its own right.
The glow of light emanating from the crown-style chandeliers hanging from the wooden poles above the grass-thatched roof of the dining hall creates a rare interior impression. The view naturally invites the guests to indulge in the space.
And somewhere in another section of the space are frills of camel art framed on the wall.
“These are actual rugs used by some tribes of the Sahara to decorate their camels,” explained Horse Shoe House manager Nikki Ioannou.
I could not resist to appreciate workmanship of a giant wooden box that now serves as a table in the shisha room.
Miryan employs rare aspects of interior design to create motivating spaces. In any case, the interior deco unveiled at Horse Shoe Steak House somewhat blends the Western and African design aspects creating a space filled with a unique authentic passion.
The tables and benches for dinners are a basic design of flat wooden boards with four plain legs. This simple design somewhat leaves the mind to search for more.
It is the ancient door turned into a table that became my favourite art piece – You can call it furniture if you wish.
But this door-cum-table was initially created with distinct qualities of a sculpture and it exhibits an impressive workmanship of a blacksmith in the latch, the hinges and the giant metal pins that hold it together.
But without a creative mind, even in the most ideal space, a flood of artefacts can be a complete eyesore. It is amazing how everyday objects   have been given a new lease of life at Horse Shoe Steak House.

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