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TUTWA Ngulube.

Honeybee reports lawyer to LAZ


HONEYBEE Pharmacy Limited has reported Lusaka lawyer Joseph Chirwa to the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) for alleged professional misconduct.
The complaint against Mr Chirwa has been lodged by Honeybee Pharmacy Limited lawyers, Tutwa S. Ngulube and Company, which is the former’s employer.
Honeybee wants LAZ to summon and discipline Mr Chirwa for allegedly attacking the pharmacy.
This is according to a complaint letter against Mr Chirwa addressed to the LAZ legal practitioners committee dated January 18, 2021.
“We are instructed by our clients, Honeybee Limited, to lodge this complaint against Mr Chirwa, who is our former employee and is aware that
Honeybee is our client,” the letter reads in part. CLICK TO READ MORE