‘Honesty will help development plan’

SECRETARY to the Cabinet Roland Msiska says Zambians must hate corruption and embrace high levels of honesty if the country is to attain meaningful economic development.
And Dr Msiska announced that public service systems including procurement procedures will now move away from compliance based to value for money systems.
In an interview after addressing integrity committee members of the Ministry of Health in Chisamba on Tuesday, Dr Msiska said integrity was supposed to be an important component in lives of people.
“We must have integrity in how we want to apply public resources in the service of our people because corruption is very expensive and people pocketing money can ensure that a procedure is being held many times,” Dr Msiska said.
“In the long run, these integrity committees must ensure that audit queries drop down and people become aware about their roles and functions since we want everybody to hate corruption and embrace high levels of honesty to attain realistic economic development.”
Earlier, Dr Msiska made a presentation on ‘transformational leadership and lessons from the Eagle’ where he challenged participants to change their mind sets and make right choices when administering public resources.
One participant asked if it was possible to disregard procedures like getting a minimum of three quotations in procurement when there is an emergency, but Dr Msiska responded that the public service is too bureaucratic.
“We have plans to move away from compliance based to value for money systems where officers will still follow the rules but ensure that government is paying for the best price thereby reducing expenditure,”  Dr Msiska said.
And Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Davy Chikamata urged participants to implement what they have  learnt at the workshop.
“This ministry has employees who have chosen a noble profession; we must act sincerely in what we do. In 2009, we made headlines for wrong reasons, so integrity is a must and we must avoid corruption which happens even in little ways like coming late for work but getting full pay,  that is stealing public money, our conscience should change to do right things,” Dr Chikamata said.

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