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Holiday tuitions ‘resurrected’ in public schools

Dear editor,
GRANT me space in your highly respected paper to air my views regarding holiday tuitions in government schools.

It is undeniable that the government forbade conducting holiday tuitions in its schools unless schools did it free of charge. However, some schools have started charging pupils in order to conduct holiday tuition and yet the ban has not been lifted by the Ministry of General Education. In some cases, schools are charging as much as K450 or more for a period of two weeks claiming that the money is meant for learners ‘ food while in actual fact it is for paying their teachers.
I have three children in different schools and provinces, yet they are all demanding August holiday tuition fees. If holiday tuition is now legal, may the government make a pronouncement to that effect.
I am appealing to the Minister of General Education to issue a statement regarding holiday tuition before parents lose their money.