Hired killer to hang

CHALI MULENGA, Livingstone
THE Livingstone High Court has sentenced a hired killer of Mazabuka district in Southern Province and his pay-master to death by hanging after convicting them of murder.
Best Chinzila, notoriously known as ‘Shebelele’, 60, and Pilato Milambo of Mbuyamusuma Settlement in Chief Nalwama’s area jointly murdered Leddy Mwanza of the same area over his piece of land on September 7, 2015 in Mazabuka district.
Mr Justice Ernest Mukulwamutiyo found Pilato Milambo guilty of hiring Chinzila to kill Mr Mwanza at a fee of K1,000.
The court heard that on the material day around 19:00 hours, Chinzila went to Mr Mwanza’s home and pretended to be a stranger who was looking for direction to another person he wanted to visit.
Chinzila, who was promised to be paid a K1,000 if the job was executed, called Mr Mwanza to go near where he was standing before he shot him with a home-made gun.

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