Hindus preserving Gandhi’s legacy

THE new maternity ward at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Clinic.

MAHATMA Ghandhi, India’s fallen hero, who led the country’s independence movement against British rule, may not have set foot in Zambia during his lifetime, but his name is associated with health centres, schools and roads named after him.
In Central Province, there is Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Clinic built in Kabwe in 1980 by the Kabwe Hindu Association to commemorate the centenary of Gandhi’s birth.
President Kenneth Kaunda delegated UNIP secretary general Grey Zulu to open Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Clinic on April 21, 1982.
Decades on, Mahatma Ghandhi Memorial Clinic has grown and is now covering a catchment area of 19,000 people.
Some of the services offered at the health facility are out-patient, in-patient, maternal and child health, paediatric and maternity, ultrasound, HIV testing, laboratory and environmental services.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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