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Hilda presents sidechick’s underwear, chitenge, bedroom pillow

A WOMAN presented a beige and torn underwear as evidence in court when she stood as a witness against her husband who was dragged to court for adultery by another man.
This is in a matter in which Maybin Chongo, a bricklayer of Ipusukilo Township, sued Richard Kapila for adultery.
It is alleged that Kapila was caught red-handed by his wife Hilda having sex with Chongo’s wife, Judy, in their matrimonial bedroom.
Chongo testified before the Buchi Local Court that he suspected that his wife was having an affair with Kapila last month.
He said he got a job last month, which required him to work from Kapiri Mposhi for four weeks and that he informed his wife about the programme.
Chongo said when he was supposed to leave for Kapiri Mposhi, his boss cancelled the programme because the vehicle they were supposed to travel in developed a fault.
He said he returned home but he did not find his wife. When he inquired from a neighbour, he learnt that she had left for a party. CLICK