Highway Code captures Zamcabs

IN ORDER to make at least a minimum of K120 in a day, Derrick Chiyowa needs to be up as early as 04:00 hours every day.
Chiyowa earns a living through the wheelbarrow transport business, which is commonly known as Zamcab. He transports goods for clients from the Lusaka central business district to various destinations. Chiyowa, 27, who started the business at the age of 16, transports goods to as far as Zanimuone, 25 kilometres from Lusaka town.
“I manage to take care of my three girls and the mother; this is a very tough job which requires one to be physically fit to manage. Nowadays the business has really become a competition because most youths have ventured into it, therefore we strive to maintain clients and create new ones,” he says.
“When I started, I used to work for someone but I realised that I was making more money for this person than I was getting paid. My commission then was a K30 per day and the owner of the business would demand at least K120 to K150 in a day. Of course I used to steal from him but it was not as easy as it seems.”  CLICK TO READ MORE

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