Editor's Choice Letter to the Editor

Too high a price for a bursary

Dear editor,
IT is regrettable that it had to take the loss of a precious life in order for the Bursaries Commiittee to realise the need to reform the
Bursaries. Bursary seekers have to spend nights in the cold in Lusaka as they apply for bursaries and in the end most of them are disappointed.
Why can’t the ministry of education simplify the process by providing a response at the time the universities send acceptance letters to the applicants?
Fifty years after independence, our institutions are lamentably failing to deliver the services they were created for. Worse still, nobody seems to notice the wrongs in such institutions despite the high levels of education we have attained.
Another public institution which needs urgent reforms is the Public Pensions Board, which has lamentably failed to manage the civil servants pension fund. Instead, pension contributions have been misapplied and as a result retired civil servants remain  destitute for many years before they are paid their dues (if at all they manage to live that long).
With the current low levels of funds allocated for pensions, retirees have to resort to divine intervention for survival.

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