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Help market Zambia, US urged

GOVERNMENT says Zambia is still unable to export finished processed products due to lack of access to advanced technologies and equipment.
Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Robert Sichinga said Zambia needs to collaborate with developed countries to access technology that will help the country export finished products.
Mr Sichinga said if Zambia is to grow its revenue base, there is also need to increase trade relations with other countries through global collaborations.
Speaking in Lusaka at a thanks- giving dinner by the American Chamber of Commerce in Zambia (AMCHAM), Mr Sichinga urged the business community from that country to help sell the country internationally to attract more investors.
“We need international technologies… your collaboration [AMCHAM] so we can start exporting finished processed products, as this will increase revenue for the country, create jobs for the local people and also increase economic development.
“We are ready to do business with any country globally, as long as there is compliance with the Zambian laws. It’s about time that we stopped exporting raw products, because as a country we are losing a lot of revenue,” he said.
Mr Sichinga urged AMCHAM to help sell Zambia on the international market to attract more investors.
Earlier, American ambassador to Zambia Eric Schultz said if Zambia is to grow and develop its economy, there is need to enhance trade relations between the two countries.
Mr Schultz said Zambia has vast opportunities in various sectors that can help attract investors.
“Zambia has an opportunity to develop its industries and economy, but it needs our help as AMCHAM to attract investors to help grow the country. We want to establish a strong foundation and business relation between the two countries to enhance trade and capacity building,” he said.