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Healing from guilt

Youthful Living with PASTOR MOYO M
GUILT is the burden of conscience that is commonly associated with shame, sense of failure or having betrayed someone’s trust. Guilt is a reaction emotion resulting from transgression well-known laid down requirements, instruction or neglect of the perceived responsibility. A burdened conscience is never at peace with oneself hence affecting relationship with others. In short a troubled conscious is never at rest and can also cause problems to the people around because it influences judgment, decisions making and action. The burden of guilt cuts and eats deep down into the human soul, undermines self-worthy and ultimately leads to a bad end if not well handled.
Guilty feeling, depending on how it is handled, can either be destructive or constructive. Guilty feeling is a sign of healthy mental life indicating our desire to do the right thing. However, the desire to do the right thing may be hindered by negligence, circumstances beyond one’s control, wrong decisions and many other challenges. It should be noted that guilt, though undesirable is unavoidable. The good news is that we can recover from guilt if it is handled correctly. We wrongly handle guilt by shifting the blame, faulty finding, hypocrisy, trying to win sympathy, fear, anger and threats.
Reading Genesis 3:9-13 reveals that the battle against guilt is almost as old as the existence of wrongdoing. When Adam and Eve sinned they felt guilty and were so ashamed such that they judged themselves to be unworthy to stand before the holy and awesome God. Due to self-condemnation, inferiority complex and sense of failure Adam and his wife ran away and hid from God. Up to now running away from the people we account to when guilty seems to be an easier option.
Any undealt or wrongly dealt with guilt sends us deeper and deeper into its crisis or may result into multiplication of wrongdoings in the process of trying to cover it up. Remember each wrongdoing produces its own guilty.
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