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‘He threatened to kill us’

“I RAN away from home with my children because my husband threatened to kill me and our children. He told me if I didn’t want to lose my life I should leave Lusaka city and settle in the village,” she said.
Alice Sakauka, 37, of Chazanga Township sued Alex Mukosayi,38,of Garden House area for compensation over continued threats to kill or burn her alive.
Sakauka told the court that she met Mukosayi five years ago after which they decided to stay together as husband and wife unceremoniously.
She told the court that during their cohabitation she had twins with Mukosayi.
“The reason why I brought him to court is because he wants to kill me and the twins we have together.One day this man ordered me to leave his house or he would kill or burn me on the mattress while in my sleep,”said Sakauka.
She recalled how Mukosayi accused her of having had sex with her own biological father and that that’s how she ended up giving birth to the twins.
“This really pained me a lot and in fact this man has never even bothered to meet my parents from the time we started staying together.This made me to leave and take the children with me,”said Sakauka.
Sakauka told the court that Mukosayi has been following her around saying that she won’t have peace as long as she was in Lusaka.
“I reported him to the police and they advised me to sue him and that is why we are here,”she said.
But Mukosayi before Senior Court Magistrates Petronella Kalyelye denied threatening Sakauka and their two children.
He told the court that problems between them started when Sakauka accused him of practicing Satanism and of trying to kill her.
“She has ruined my name because of her accusations. I’m afraid of my well-being because I may even be attacked by a mob.How can I try to kill her when I have lived with her for five years,”said Mukosayi.
Laughter filled the Matero Local Court when Mukosayi narrated that his union with Sakauka was prophesised by a prophet from Wisdom of God Church International after the death of his wife.
The court dismissed the case.

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